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Coastal Living Land Locked

Waking up to waves lapping in the fresh ocean air….many aspire to live on the water where sailboats and sunsets become landscape.  With so little ocean real estate, the expense and the threat of storm damage, our hopes can get washed away.  Luckily, a feeling of oasis can be created anywhere.  With the right comfy cushions in the softest hues of spa, the serene sea can be yours.  Our beachy Bridgewater (a) stripe, featured above, sets the stage for laid back lounging.  Matelasse (b) spa pillow anchors our Summers Night (c) original in soft linen, bringing the outdoors in.  Add Pembrook (d) tattersal, heavy linen Zen (e) and Pecos (f) piping for a complete sea escape.

For fabric specifications, other color ways, and coordinates click on the links in red.

Cotton = Comfort for Bedding

As simply stated as “You are What you Eat”…”Live in What You Wear“.

We do push the envelope wearing the latest season’s colors and vogue.  Have you ever forced a stiff poly-blend tunic over a pair of skinny-to-tight nylon jeans? Consumers are notorious for popping their wardrobes with an obscure vest or the new fad shoes, discarding practical and blisters. Guilty, however, when it comes to an investment, we spend on comfort, overlooking “the here for a minute” fall fashions, and dedicating more money to the softest cotton pajamas.  Do you sleep in scratchy?  Insist on a comfy cozy night’s sleep by creating custom cotton bedding.  Ensure the recommended eight hours with heavenly cotton sheeting, luxurious cotton duvet covers and fluffy matelasse coverlets.  Here to bring you comfort are a few of Roth & Tompkins Textiles softest offerings:

For fabric specifications, other color ways, and coordinates click on the links in red.

a. Petite Pique Surf
b. Copley Square Snowflake
c. Devon Cornflower
d. Matelasse Diamond Natural
e. Swiss Dot Sky

Cotton = Comfort for Furniture

Consider a classic finely tailored suit.  This piece is the foundation of our wardrobe in the same way our sofa anchors our living room.  Should your long lasting sectional sofa be upholstered in a synthetic?  We beg to differ.  Our standards demand the “naked test”.  Not that we lounge in our birthday suits, but at the expense of our home furnishings, we should have the option.  Above are some popular Roth “frame-fantastic” fabrics. (And yes, they pass the naked test).

For fabric specifications, other color ways, and coordinates click on the links in red.

a. Essex Khaki
b. Panama Sienna
c. Hepburn Linen
d. Sonora Cocoa
e. Hobnail Sage

Menswear Refashioned

Fabrics don’t have to be colored “old world” to be classic.  Uplifting color stories have recently carried us through the economic downturn. Despite menswear fashion being characterized as a dated tartan with dark and drab colors, it more importantly encompasses fine fabrics with clean lines and impeccable tailoring.  Today, intense color is a mainstay in decor.  Your home should reflect what you wear.  Your colorful personality should bounce off your decorated walls and furniture.  Tattersall, houndstooth, and plaids with rich color bring tried and true design into the 21st century.  Roth & Tompkins puts a fresh spin on traditional, using bold blacks, blues, and reds to resurrect a tired plaid and refashion color in a tattersall.

For fabric specifications, other color ways, and coordinates click on the links in red.

a. Elizabeth Night
b. Copley Square Cardinal
c. Pembrook Cardinal
d. Harris Charcoal
e. Carlton Night
f.  Parkhill Cardinal
g. Pembrook Cardinal


Roth Ethnics…No Ranch Required

Authenticity matters.  Complexity of weave and subtlety of color depict a true trading blanket.  Yarn dyed, sun dried, and hand loomed, the art of woven ethnics is a craft passed down from generation to generation.  Timeless and Traditional, these special fabrics can be a living room chair centerpiece or a sideboard table runner.  Layer with stripes, houndstooth, plaids and solids and “ethnic” becomes “staple”.  Once considered Western and Log Cabin bound, these dynamic fabrics can be used simply anywhere.  So, recover that window seat, re-upholster that headboard, step out of your comfort zone and make a statement…we dare you!

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a. Parkhill Camel
b. Parkhill Cardinal
c. Houndstooth Brick
d. Houndstooth Evergreen
e. Mesa
f. Pembrook
g. Timberline
h. Parkhill Chestnut[/ezcol_1third] [ezcol_2third_end id=”” class=”” style=””][/ezcol_2third_end]

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i. Los Christos (top picture too)
j. Yuma
k. Lumberjack
l. Trails End
m. Sandoval Serape
n. Cortez[/ezcol_1third] [ezcol_2third_end id=”” class=”” style=””][/ezcol_2third_end]

Roth Kids – All Star

JV or Varsity? Little tyke or teen?  Whether your All Star runs, dives or sails, Varsity (a) hits on all of today’s sports.  Our modern vintage print is filled with tossed numbers of main-stream and off-road sports.  Clean red, white and blue Americana or down and dirty rugby.  For a perfect match, pair with our custom coordinated Colgate (e) stripe and All Star (d) fabrics.  Round out the room set with Harris (c) ticking, Rio (b) matelasse, and Panama (f) solid.  Playroom, bedroom, den or nursery, Roth & Tompkins has you covered.

For fabric specifications, other color ways, and coordinates click on the links in red.


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a. Colgate Americana
b. All Star Denim
c. Varsity Americana
d. All Star Red
e. All Star Chambray[/ezcol_1third] [ezcol_2third_end id=”” class=”” style=””][/ezcol_2third_end]


Roth Kids – Princess

When ballet slipper and peony meet lavender, voila, Princess!  Add some lace, dots and ribbon detail and you have our girlie girl Big Top (a).  Coupled with Swiss Dot (b) and hand drawn Sketchbook (c), you have a sweet ensemble. Perfect for newborn to tween, these fabrics make up pillows, drapes, bumpers and all bedding beautifully!  Pipe with Luster Taffeta (d) and Jubilee (e) or flange with Petite Pique (f), and your notions are complete.

Our princess palette is a perfect example of how our fabrics layer and mix together.  Here at Roth & Tompkins we offer a one stop shop for all your decorating needs.

For fabric specifications, other color ways, and coordinates click on the links in red.

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Petite Pique Ballet Slipper (g)
Confetti Blossom (h)
Candy Stripe Blossom (i)[/ezcol_1third] [ezcol_2third_end id=”” class=”” style=””][/ezcol_2third_end]

Turq and Terra

Turquoise and Terracotta: A stunning pair and a popular combination in Western design. Turq and Terra is a timeless, transitional pairing, and looks brilliant together in contemporary home decor. Being at opposite ends of the color wheel is the balance and formula behind this appealing duo. Posing as a neutral, Turq and Terra layer comfortably under reds and golds, whether accompanying a kilim rug or a menswear plaid. As seen above, our stripe, Bryce Canyon, is striking on a bed coverlet when accented with a Houndstooth pillow.



a. Frazier Midnight
b. Frazier Fire
c. Pembrook Java
d. Bryce Canyon
e. Pecos Cranberry