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Mountain Stripes at Market

Mountain Stripes were a plenty on our feature wall this past June 2013.  With pumpkin, flame, turquoise and lemongrass accents, this dynamic story was the customer’s favorite.  Eye catching gusseted pillows featuring multicolored ethnics and contrasting piping brought buzz to market. Undeniable Roth classics:  Los Christos (a), Potluck (b), Yuma (c), Navajo (d), Trading Post (e), Mesa (f), Timberline (g), Bombay (h), Apache (i), and Bryce Canyon (j) looked fresh and new. This season we customized a bench and showcased our spectacular Fresno (k).

For fabric specifications, other color ways, and coordinates click on the links in red.


Turq and Terra

Turquoise and Terracotta: A stunning pair and a popular combination in Western design. Turq and Terra is a timeless, transitional pairing, and looks brilliant together in contemporary home decor. Being at opposite ends of the color wheel is the balance and formula behind this appealing duo. Posing as a neutral, Turq and Terra layer comfortably under reds and golds, whether accompanying a kilim rug or a menswear plaid. As seen above, our stripe, Bryce Canyon, is striking on a bed coverlet when accented with a Houndstooth pillow.



a. Frazier Midnight
b. Frazier Fire
c. Pembrook Java
d. Bryce Canyon
e. Pecos Cranberry